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How to become a Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient

Medical marijuana is legal in Maryland. At the time of this posting, the product is not available but is expected to be available soon. Nonetheless, if you are considering this product now is the time to get prepared and certified. This is the link to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commision (MMCC). They are responsible for […]

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Flu Season 2017 Approaching

That time of year is here again. Time to prepare for the flu shot. The shot is available earlier each year it seems. I have reminded everyone that for most people the flu shot is indicated every year. Always consult your doctor. All of us are susceptible, but especially the young and old are at […]

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Dr. Hill

Dr. Hill’s  Specialty: Board Certified in Internal Medicine Licensed in: District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia Medical Schools: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey/Som; Graduated: 1995 Residency Hospital: University MD Med System; Graduated: 1998   http://fivebestessaywritingservices.blogspot.com http://fivebestessaywritingservices.blogspot.com

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Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is now available in different parts of the country. It has been approved for use here in the state of Maryland. There are several indications for this treatment. The big question is it right for you. Do you have chronic pain or another indication that can be improved by this form of treatment. Schedule an […]

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Our Diets are killing us

Ten dietary factors were linked to cardiometabolic mortality in the U.S based on findings of a recent research study. This included diabetes, stroke and heart disease. acheter du cialis This adds further information on the relationship between diet and illness. Poor dietary findings included the following: High sodium intake low consumption of nuts and seeds […]

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Whats up with your Prostate ?

As men age most have to deal with some type of prostate concerns. The prostate gets bigger as we age leading to urine frequency during the day and night. This condition is called (BPH) and when needed responds well to medicine. Some may need surgery. As men age, they also experience a rise in their PSA […]

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Warm Weather Brings Early Allergy Symptoms

Thanks to the warm weather we have been experiencing here in Maryland there has been a significant amount of allergy symptoms. What is surprising is that the symptoms are coming earlier that your usual allergies. Throughout the area people are having, nasal congestion, dry cough and runny nose that has been lasting for weeks and […]

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UltraMeal Cardio 360

UltraMeal Cardio 360 is  medical food that complements healthy eating habits and regular exercise. Adding UltraMeal Cardio 360 to a healthy lifestyle can help improve your health. It can help to improve cholesterol and protect your heart.