1.How often should I see my doctor?

The answer to this question depends on several factors including your age, sex, family history and your previous and current health conditions. In addition, it depends on your personal needs and comfort level. In general, we recommend a full physical exam for healthy adults according to the following schedule: 18-29 every 3-5 years, 30-39 every 2-3 years, 40-49 every 1-2 years, 50+ every year.

Men should consider an annual prostate exam after age 40. A pap smear should be done periodically as recommended by your physician. Depending upon your age a mammogram will need to be performed annually starting at the age of 40. At times, the mammogram will be done at an earlier age. At some point your physician may let you know when the benefits of these test are no longer in your favor and they may inform you to modify past recommendations.

If you have a chronic medical condition such as hypertension, diabetes, COPD or heart/liver/kidney disease, you will need to see your doctor more frequently. Every 1-3 months is a good guideline. Some times this may be every 3-6 months.

2.Medication Refill Information. Why are there no more refills on my medicine?

LMA is responsible for appropriately refilling medicine. This means that patients need to be evaluated and monitored to minimize that there are no side effects and that one continues to benefit from the medicine. Refills are received electronically and by fax primarily. When received, it can take up to 3 days to review and authorize a refill if appropriate. We do not want anyone to be out of there medicines and if needed will call in a brief or emergency supply. The pharmacy also has the ability to do this. We avoid refilling medicines on Fridays, holidays, after hours or weekends. If needed, we can do this and your account will be charged a small administrative fee.

  1. We expect that all refills will be completed at the time of your visit. If needed, when requesting refills it is recommended that a voice message request, updox request or pharmacy fax request be submitted to the office. When leaving a voice message please leave your full name, date of birth, medication name, dose and frequency and the pharmacy name and phone number.
  2. Please let the office know if a 90 day supply of medicine is requested.
  3. All chronic pain medicines are required to be refilled in the office at the time of an office visit. This is consistent with the pain medicine contract as well.
  4. Completion of mail order forms will be done complementary within 1-2 d of a visit but otherwise there will be a small fee if done outside a visit. The same applies to calling in refills to mail order companies. This is a result of the time required for this service.