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Quick care center

Sleep Apnea InfoThe following is a brief discussion of common medical concerns. For further recommendations check out www.webmd.com and www.familydoctor.org. As always remember to discuss any medical concerns with your Doctor.

The section is a brief description of common conditions and in home treatments that may be helpful. For a full evaluation and assessment it is recommended that you seek medical attention. Doing so will lead to a complete evaluation and help avoid any misdiagnosis or inappropriate treatments. In addition, check our resource list for other sources with more detailed information.

Athletes Foot

This is a fungal rash involving the feet and toes that is usually red, dry, itchy and sometimes painful from cracks in the skin. This is improved by keeping the toes clean, dry and using antifungal creams that are available over the counter. Contact LMA for more details or concerns.


this is joint pain that results from degeneration of the cartilage that can result from a variety of causes including aging and trauma. Most of us will have it as we get older. Treatment includes: exercise, weight loss, avoiding trauma to the joint if possible. Physical therapy, heat, and of course medicines are helpful. Tylenol, NSAIDS such as motrin are helpful. In some cases narcotics, injections and joint replacement are needed. Contact LMA for more details or concerns.

Ankle Pain

Ankle Pain is common, usually a sprain occurs and can improve with rest, ice, heat and pain medicine. It can take up to 4 weeks to fully heal this condition. Using a cane is helpful. In some cases xray imaging will be needed. Contact LMA for more details or concerns.


Usually occurs from trauma to a bone or muscle area. Rest, ice, heat usually will be enough to improve this condition. Contact LMA for more details or concerns.

Back Pain

This is one of the more common reasons that a person goes to see a doctor. It usually occurs in the low back because of muscle and tendon injury that should improve with rest, ice, heat and if needed pain medicine. This will usually resolve in 4 weeks or less. There are a variety of causes of back pain and the history is very important to determine the cause of the pain. Things such as fever, trauma, urine symptoms and previous significant history may lead to other causes of back pain that will require imaging also. Back pain can be localized or radiate to the legs and feet. Numbness and tingling can also occur with back pain. Contact LMA for more details or concerns.

Chest Pain

Chest pain in some situations can be a medical emergency. For this reason you should seek immediate medical attention when this occurs. There are a variety of causes of chest pain including muscle pull, lung problems or even skin conditions. Seek immediate attention when this occurs. In many cases, a cardiac cause of the pain needs to be ruled out before other causes can be investigated. Contact LMA for more details or concerns.

Cold and Flu symptoms

Both conditions are caused by viruses. Both should resolve on their own. Over the counter medicine can be helpful to relieve symptoms. The flu tends to be more severe than a cold and is associated with high fever, muscle aches and extreme fatigue usually. Cough medicine, Tylenol, Advil and plenty of fluids are helpful with these conditions. Antibiotics usually are not helpful but can be used in some cases. Make sure you get plenty of rest when you are sick with this condition. Dayquil during the day and Nyquil at night is also helpful. Remember to wash your hands well at all times since this is an excellent way to prevent colds and the flu. Contact LMA for more details or concerns. Please remember that antibiotics are not good for viral infections and inappropriate use has led to resistance and when needed many good antibiotics now are not effective. To avoid this worldwide trend doctors are trying to use these antibiotics only when they are needed. Contact LMA for more details or concerns.


This can be caused by a variety of causes including viral infections, foods and medicines. In most cases it is a virus and you need to drink plenty of fluids and get your rest to avoid complications. Avoiding milk during this period is very important and it is very important to seek medical assistance if it does not improve. Contact LMA for more details or concerns.

Elbow Pain

Usually is caused by irritation or inflammation to the tendon. This can result from repetitive activities with the hands. Rest is very helpful and at times pain medicine and a cortisone shot may be needed. Contact LMA for more details or concerns.

Knee Pain

This is a common condition. There are a variety of causes including arthritis and ligament damage. The history is very important in determining how to proceed. As we all age, our joints will have some degeneration which can lead to arthritis and pain. This can occur earlier if there has been previous trauma. Tendons and ligaments can also hurt without significant trauma. It is recommended that if trauma is involved, medical evaluation is recommended as soon as possible. Rest with ice and heat for several days is a reasonable initial approach for most routine knee pain. Chronic knee pain or pain lasting for more that 1-3 months would involve more immediate need for imaging. Physical therapy and pain medicines are helpful to manage and evaluate knee pain. Contact LMA for more details or concerns.

Shortness of Breath

This is always a medical emergency and an evaluation should be done immediately. Call 911 or if appropriate see a doctor as soon as possible.

Stroke Like symptoms

Any sudden onset weakness, loss of speech, facial droop, inability to walk or sudden vision loss should receive immediate medical attention since this could be a stroke.


Allergies produce irritating symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, throat/chest congestion, sneezing, red and itchy eyes. They can be improved by avoiding irritating environments. In some cases medicines such as Claritin, zyrtec or Flonase will be needed. Claritin has a less expensive generic that is less expensive called loratadine and alevert. This also applies to zyrtec which is called cetirizine. The Generics can be found at Target, Walmart, Costco and similar stores. Contact LMA for more details or concerns.