I have found that my first experience with this office has been very comforting. I felt at ease with the assistants and once I met Dr. Hill he made me realize how important my health is and this is a difficult task for a man.

– G.W.

Service and follow up has been excellent. Prompt handling of all requests.

– B.N.

Dr. Hill and crew are nothing but professional. My experiences with Dr. Hill has been extremely positive. He and his staff are friendly and personable. There have been zero errors with the front desk and I’ve had zero problems reaching the doctor out of the office.

– G.H.

The staff is friendly and professional, Dr. Hill is very friendly and he puts you at ease.

– Anonymous

Dr. Hill is my new Primary Care Provider and I have only been to his office twice and I feel like I have been coming to him for years.

– B.A.

Dr. Hill is an excellent doctor and his staff is always courteous. I like the fact that Dr. Hill is always accessible when needed and very proactive in his treatment of all medical conditions. I also enjoy having the option of asking questions and scheduling appointments online.

– J.L.

Dr. Hill is a great doctor and his staff is also.


The service is good and always supportive when I come in the office.

– T.C.

I’m very satisfied with the office and the staff. Dr. Hill is a great doctor and takes the time to talk about my concerns. Keep up the good work!

– M.S.

Nothing bad at all. Dr. Hill is up front and honest all the ladies are nice, especially Ms. June.

– DW

Dr. Hill smiles, he’s engaging, he has a good since of humor, and he’s informative. Other than being a little behind which created a long wait, I have no complaints. He’s a good doctor.


Love the office staff, very professional. Not a long wait time to see the doctor. He is very thorough and is concerned with his patients care.


Dr. Hill is very understanding and an excellent doctor. He’s very thorough and & precise, also very handsome. I am so impressed that he makes home visits. He’s one of a kind!!


No opinion, all is fine with the service and Dr. Hill has been very good/ fair to me.


I like Dr. Hill’s attentive and friendly staff.


Dr. Hill is a wonderful doctor in my opinion. He answers all of my questions. Exams/ checks me if needed. Office is great


I like his un-rushed manner.


I am satisfied with the service from the staff and Dr. Hill.


The office staff is outstanding. Always willing to help. This is best office staff I had from all of my doctors.


The Friendly staff has always been great. Dr. Hill has great chairside manners & is a wonderful doctor. So glad to be a patient here.


Health & Wellness

Health is something I never really focused on and now at my mid 40’s I am seeing the results.


Being an African American who is on the other side of 50, health has become very important to me. I am also a diabetic. So, “maintaining” good blood sugar numbers, good weight, eating properly and getting plenty of energy has become very important. As we get older, we have more health problems which affect our quality of life. Therefore, we need to do whatever it takes to maintain a positive quality of life as we age.


Your health is everything I will do what it takes.


As I age I see the importance of health and wanting to live healthy long as possible. Try to stay busy and rest often. Personally, I need to smoke less and watch what I eat and walk more.


I would like to improve my daily quality of living. I would love to live longer. I have a lot more to do and accomplish.


I realize that exercise is very important to well-being.


Mediated- stress can make you ill. Try to change your diet slowly, that way it doesn’t seem like too difficult of a task.


Being healthy means long life.


After years of bad health due to poor habits from smoking, over weight diabetic and high blood pressure, I suffered a heart attack and had bypass surgery. Still did not change my bad habits. After having a bad stroke I changed. Should have changed before. Now after regular doctors’ appointments, taking my medication, eating right, and exercising. I lost over 80 lbs. and med have been reduce along with longer doctor visits. (Now once a year or every 6 months.) I can not redo the past but I can change my future.