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Whats up with your Prostate ?

As men age most have to deal with some type of prostate concerns. The prostate gets bigger as we age leading to urine frequency during the day and night. This condition is called (BPH) and when needed responds well to medicine. Some may need surgery.

As men age, they also experience a rise in their PSA (prostate specific antigen blood test). The PSA also increases with prostate cancer. Lets not forget about the risk of infection known as prostatitis.  Surprisingly, in some situations some believe that checking the prostate may not always be needed. In 2012, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended against blood tests that screen for prostate cancer because there was no evidence to support this. This is because many who will develop cancer do not die from it. A bigger concern is heart disease. Clearly, the former statement is a difficult decision and is made after  a lot of discussion on the benefit and risk of the situation.

The American Cancer Society recommends most talk to their doctor about prostate cancer screenings.

Important questions to Ask the doctor about hour prostate:

  1. Am I at higher than normal risk for prostate cancer?
  2. Would I benefit from prostate cancer screening?
  3. What are the risk of screening?
  4. If cancer is found, should I be treated?

Stay in control, stay healthy and spread the word about prostate health.