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Breast Cancer

  • American Cancer Society estimates 232, 340 new cases will be diagnosed.
  • Breast cancer can occur in young and old women.
  • A monthly self exam is very important along with a mammogram and doctor exam.
  • Most agree that the initial mammogram should be between the age of 35-40 then annually.


Cervical Cancer

  • This is a cancer of the cervix.
  • Can be diagnosed early as long as someone is getting there PAP smear done regularly.
  • A Pap smear usually is done yearly, then as recommended by the doctor based on your medical history.

Remember to get an annual PAP smear


Osteoporosis, or thinning of the bones can lead to fractures of the bones. If you have the condition you will not have any pain until there is a fracture. A bone density test will help to diagnose this condition. Risk factors include: aging, being female, smoking, sedentary lifestyle and some medications. Prevention and treatment include calcium (at least 1200mg daily), vitamin D, exercise and in some cases additional medicines.